Find something that aspires you.

Hello everyone , it is Monday and as I pledged to keep up to date this blog, today is the first of the two promised articles/posts for this week.

So, let’s get started. Today I want to turn your intention towards a very important aspect of our lives, to the inspiration and why it’s so crucial to exists in our life. For me  to be inspired by something or someone means not only to feel that sensation of reverence, but to have this feeling inside you that there is something bigger than you out there and that there is this tiny little hope inside of you telling you that you can overcome everything that life throws back at you, no matter how it hard may seem, and that eventually you can create or leave behind you something which can make as much difference to the world as the object of your inspiration.

I am not saying that we should be all the next Van Gogh or Michelangelo, BUT that does not mean that we are not unique and special in many ways. Call me too naive, but I genuinely believe in that. In this world, there is as much fairness as injustice, we all can make an impact on it, small or enormous, there is no room for comparison as long is done with good intentions.

The inspiration could be your little torch that cares you though the darkest times, reminding you that there is so much good in this world and that there are people who do good. It is something like a reminder to you that something positive could appear in the corner. For some of us it can be a piece of music or art, or a person, a memory. a smile of a stranger in the streets. It could be anything and anyone, it’s our save boat in the vast sea of life.

There would be far too many times in our life when someone or some circumstances in life would discourge us, they would decry as and try to steal away our source of inspiration, but we should only listen to ourselves and nobody else. I’d encountered many situations in which people who I used to call friends discouraged me or tried as best as they could to talk me out of doing something, just because they thought they knew better than me. This was a time for me to make some radical decisions, to draw a line somewhere and to take my stand. In short, I succeeded in some way or another, I did my exams with flying colours and I’ve been accepted in several universities in UK. Nevertheless, I didn’t do it to prove them wrong or because I bore a grudge against them, but because I owned that to myself. The point here that I am trying to make is simply to find people who would aspire you to do things, who would inspire you to be you.

From time to time, we all need extra dash of courage, someone to look at us and say we can do things, we can go places and we can find ways! I will reveal to you one of my sources of inspiration to you. It is an young lady, who has underwent a major changed in her life, but managed to succeed in doing what she ‘s always dreamed to do against the odds. She is not a fighter, she is not a survivor , she is a pure inspiration! Her name is Amy Purdy! If someday I managed to make such a huge impact on the world like her, I would count myself lucky!

Here is her TED’s talk! Enjoy it!

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