Would you like to come to a tea party?

Or you might prefer to hop off right into the rabbit hole? Since I was a child, one of my favourite books has been “Alice in Wonderland”, right after the “Little mermaid'”, but not the version of Disney where she reunites with prince Eric, the real tragic ending when she turns into sea foam.

If you had asked me why I would like these stories, I am afraid I wouldn’t have been able to give a satisfying answer back then or even now. It might be the fact that they appeal to me in such a way which disintegrate them from the rest, they might seem to me more realistic than the other fairy tales. It’s ridiculously absurd how many people laugh off Alice while deem it as nothing more than children’s story. It’s so much more than that, such as the “Little prince”, there is books you need to read them more than once in your life to get the grasp of them and appreciate them in various ways. Once when I was in a bookstore, one woman brought “The little prince” and I asked her whether she ‘d never read it. She gave me a radiant smile and said to me that this copy was for her little granddaughter and that she’d read it more than ten times already and every time she managed to find something different within the pages. If that is not magic, then I don’t know what is it.

There are so many thematic subtexts in Alice that I should write maybe a dissertation on this topic, unfortunately my first degree is not in literature, so I better not do it. One of the things that left a vivid trace in my memory is the rabbit hopping around, screaming “I am late, I am so late”. I remembered when I was a kid I did ask my parents, my teachers even, for what on Earth would a rabbit be late and why he wears a gloves. I don’t remember someone giving me a satisfying answer to my inquiry. Still today, this rabbit is my favourite character in the story, as strange as it might seem.

As everyone knows, the rabbit is pure representation of the time and how it burdens us, making us to work harder, and to do things in incredulous speed as we do not want to fall behind and be late. But to be late for what? For the chance of getting to know someone, to forgive someone, to swallow your pride and to admit defeat instead of fighting over a pointless arguments?

Maybe we ask the wrong question, maybe we should ask ourselves whether is too late for these things and many more or we simply do not have enough time in our hands for this. When one priority conquers another and we just sit by ourselves in the end of the days, letting the dogs sleep by saying to ourselves that we can do that trip the next summer or we can call that friend in the weekend *( unless of course it does not slip our mind) and the list goes on and on.

Should we just stop to be so complacent about all of it and jump off the rabbit hole… before it’s too late?


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