How often do you feel alone or misunderstood?

This week I want to dedicate my writing time to 30-day challenge, set by one extraordinary website ( Berlin ArtParasites) since it’s brilliant and unscrupulously honest with their posts on Facebook. They came up with the idea of challenging us to be more honest (at least for 30 days) and to express ourselves in any form of art. There is no restriction upon you how you would answer the question they would publish. So here we go, I want to be more honest on this blog and I d found the perfect solution for it.

Day one : How often do you feel alone or misunderstood?

To be honest, most of the time. Maybe I am a bit melodramatic, but you loneliness made me so, you longtime friend of mine.  The truth is that I am a good listener or at least you told me so. I enjoy being in the role of patient listener and acknowledging my friends or relatives troubles. But sometimes I need to be heard, too, or I might lose my voice. I have so much to say that I have that nagging feeling that I would explode like a balloon if I don’t do it. And in the end, there would be one ” puff”. But some people just talk too much, and it slips their mind to listen, they just get so compassionate or cared away by their stories that they forget to look around and to see that there is a someone else in front of them. They talk, they gasp, they wonder, they consider many things but to ask for a talk is not one of them. They use the word “I” too much, far more than “you”. It is a monologue, not a conversation or is it? Now I am not entirely sure, I might be mistaken.

I feel like I am swimming in a sea of words and stories I can’t particularly relate to. My boat is small, relatively small and the ocean is against me, the current is too strong for me and I am trying to survive, to find a land and a save place where I want to be. What if a storm came, how I would survive all of it? Should I swim on my own or would I not stand a chance and drown?

Sometimes, I have the sensation that I know more about you that you know more about me. Does that mean that I am less important to you that you are for me?


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