If you never try, you will never know

Day 10 : Words of wisdom that speak to you

I am not sure how they stuck up in my head, whether it was because of Coldplay or because of a friend who used to tell me that (while both of us would listen to Coldplay as well) but these words just stay with me and I can say that they are pure pang of wisdom to me.

We all know when we find ourselves in these moments with the big “What if…”in front of them. As if we start telling a story, but all of sudden we get distracted and confused and we just don’t finish it up. And then it comes the wondering, the guessing, the hypnotizing and probably regretting part when we overthink the situation so much that we tend to exaggerate every tiny bit of detail in the story and before we know it we are giant ball of mess.

See, my point is not to discourage you and to give you the idea that your life would be an endless roll of “if-s “ , quite the opposite. Take chances, be brave and what you want NOW , no tomorrow, no when the right moment comes ( because sometimes it never does and this is far more disheartening than something else). Take the plunge and dive into life, destroy your “if”s and “buts” and show them how fierce you can be. Because only you can take chances and if you don’t, you will never now how it would turn out to be.

When I feel the need to be fierce and brazen, I tell myself that and sometimes it’s for the best.

And here is a Coldplay’s song for you. 🙂


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