Happy New Year!

Hope you had a fantastic New Year’s Eve! May 2017 be the happiest year in your life, you deserve it!

Another year is over and you’ve put one more candle on your birthday cake! It’s unbelievable how the times flies as you make plans for tomorrow or the week ahead. I would advise to make less plans for today or tomorrow , but to look around and carefully to observe what surrounds you. I want you to use the images of your memories as a mirror and upon its reflection to see what have you done right and what you could have done differently. We all make mistakes, we all err, but we need to see the fault in it in order next to make things better. I want you to forgive more easily and to put the past behind you in order not to live for the future but for the moment you are experiencing right now. Because like I said the time flies and sometimes it is like a whirlwind roundabout and you just can’t stop it even if it is too fast for you. Be courageous and brave and be what you want to be, you don’t need anyone’s approval or consent. Keep being so optimistic, passionate, funny even in an awkward way, polite, powerful, practical, quick-witted, resilient, creative, reliable, romantic, self-confident, sensible, sensitive, caring, sincere, gregarious, strong, thoughtful, versatile, and warmhearted! Keep the magic burning in you!




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