Dissertation -time

Okay, here we are. I’ve not posted a single line on this page for ages, and I hate myself now as I promise to myself to do it no matter what, but… no! I guess if Jesus had procrastinated so much, he wouldn’t have managed to create the world for seven days! SEVEN DAYS! Oh, just imagine the rush! (Crazy, huh!?!)

HOWEVER, I have an excuse this time as I am guilty of writing my dissertation and looking for part time job, and eating, and sleeping. Not all of it in the same time. So, this post I would like to dedicate to my dissertation or more specifically 10 thoughts you have while your MASTER’S thesis.

  1. Choose a topic you like! – What I like? Yes, that’s easy, I like good books, cream caramel, potatoes, sci-fi movies. Hmm, how that can relate to my subject? I guess I can write about the spectrum of moral identity in relation to not wanting to share my potatoes and cream caramel with real people, but only with fictional characters. Mind- blowing, huh?
  2. Okay, you should not copy other people’s works! Fine, but when my professor requested a full account of Marxism, my first thought was to give him a copy of the Communist Manifesto!
  3. Need to write the introduction, need to be SMART. I am going to write every single word that comes to my mind in alphabetical order.
  4. Oh, I don’t know that for sure, I am going to the library, but let’s GOOGLE it first. Google knows everything, it has its own phone already, I bet it can save your fingerprint so in case it’s stolen it does not allow the thief to work on it. See, smart! (I should definitely call someone from Google and propose it, I will be rich!)
  5. So… I wonder how many references I should put into a paragraph to sound smart enough, 10,100,1000?
  6.  My computer is frozen! What should I do?!?! (Caressing gently the screen, saying quietly “It’s okay, we can take a break, we deserve it!” )
  7. Crying in the corner, eating biscuits and wondering why there is no device which can transform your thought into writing.
  8. Spending mornings, lunch time, and dinners at the library. Library – a noun – synonym of the word “home”.
  9. Reading what you have written 12 hours before and asking yourself whether this is too smart for you to understand it or it does not make any sense at all!
  10. Starting to convince yourself that you can do it while reading through the endless list of literature you need to check! (Breathes heavily!)


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