10 Wonderful Words in Swedish


Hello there, language lovers!

This is a post about Swedish language and its wonderful words, I’ve picked up on Swedish two months ago, I am still a beginner, but mind you I found some wonderful words on my way. So, here we go, ten fantastic words in Swedish which may make you fall in love with the language.

  1. LAGOM – it practically means “the right amount of something”, not too much, not too little, it’s just perfect. You can say something like ‘Yesterday I had lagom of the best chicken salad, it was so delicious!”.
  2. ORKA- means to have enough energy to do something, not to be in the Lord of the ring movie. You can say to someone ‘Hey, do you orka going for a run tomorrow?”, and it sounds much like “Do you fancy doing something…” but not exactly. 
  3. HARKLA – to make a cough before making a speech. A lot of people do that in order to clear their throats before saying something important or when they feel nervous. But mind you, don’t harkla too much, it may get annoying.
  4. HINNA – means to have time to do something. In our everyday activities and busy lifestyles, we rarely hinna for doing something out of ordinary or not included in our schedule, but you know what people say ‘The variety is the spice of life”. 
  5. FIKA – it means to go for a coffee, to have a drink with someone and to spend a quality time together. You even might say ‘Hinna du fika?’ – “Do you have a time for drinking coffee?”.
  6.  BLUNDA – to turn a blind eye on something or to literally close your eyes. I blunda every time when I watch a scary scene in a horror movie! (Well, I can say that you miss the fun!).
  7. MYSA – the closest equivalent of this word is to snuggle, but in Swedish it means that you can do it on your own, you can make yourself cozy on your own. I love to mysa with a blanket and a good book in my hands.
  8. VASKA – it means to go to the bar and buy two bottles of whiskey/vodka/ rum or whatever you want and to throw one of them in the sink in order to show how much money you have and to impress someone around you (strange way of making a good impression, but anyways). 
  9. BADKRUKA – when you do not want to go swimming in a lake/a sea/ ocean, or if you are a cat and you do not like water in general! ‘The girl badkruka, she is afraid of the water!”
  10. LINSLUS- when you want to be always in the photo, or your face to be there at least, you just love being photographed, if we can say that. ‘She always linslus when someone takes a picture nearby!’

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