Going to a concert makes you happier!


Yes, obviously, you may say! But what about going alone to a concert? Have you done it before and if not would you dare to do it?

It’s actually great, even for a person like me who would prefer to go with a friend or someone else. (I would like to spare the social humiliation and awkwardness to do it!) Nah, that’s definitely not for me (not in this life, mate!). I would not imagine it in thousand years that I WOULD do it, to be honest, that is so much away from my comfort zone that the mere thought of it made me cringe.

Going to a music concert on my own would definitely make me miserable and lonely and it would put me in another existential crisis! EXCEPT it would not!

It was fantastic experience, to go there on your own, to listen to the beath of your favourite band’s songs and to dance as if nobody is watching (which is actually true, because everyone is captivated by the music and no one would pay attention to you) and the best part is that at certain moment you can feel the wave of feeling, of the togetherness which happens at the exact time when everyone sings the song which the band is performing and it could not be more perfect than that.

That wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for a friend of mine who brought me a ticket for the festival Beyond the Tracks where Editors performed on the last day! It was like an early birthday present and it was truly magical!

I have only three tips for you if you are still undecided whether to go alone to listen to one of your favourite bands!  (No, you do not need survival tips!).

First of all, get familiar with where the venue is and make sure that you have a clear access to at least two types of transport, that’s important because you would be eager to go and see your band and be on the first line, wouldn’t you? You can arrive one hour and half before the bands starts, just go there before everyone else and wait for them to open the doors!

Secondly, don’t wear too big bag, they may take it away no matter what you are saying (even if your life depends on this bag, they would probably take it, those bastards!), take a small bag, your portable camera and a bottle of water (in case you get thirsty, and you would).

Last, but not least, and indeed most important of all, be there, just take a plunge and be present, don’t pay attention to anything else, but to the feeling of excitement, the sensation of joy which makes your heart beats faster and pumps adrenaline in your whole body. Be there, dream it, and enjoy it!

Listen to the music, sing and forget about the world and all its problems for a while!

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