The Crown Season 2 –probably one of the best TV dramas for 2017

One of the best TV series for 2017 delivered by Netflix is without a doubt the Crown (season 2) , it captures us and exceeds the high expectations we all had for this next season.

We all have reasons to love it,  and to be glued to the screen as we watch it.


First of all, the historical perspective as it opens up with the troubles following the Suez crisis which challenges the role of Britain in the world.  The problematic relationship enfolds further complications and questions the ability of the British prime minister  (Sir Anthony Eden) to resolve the problem as quickly as possible but it also puts into scrutiny the relationship between the crown and the parliament. This is not the only political aspect of great importance which takes place during the second season as we have met President Kennedy, his wife Jackie before the assassination happens. The problematic issues such as the role of Britain as an empire, the relationship with the other colonies arises and it is one of the aspects which take a center stage.

Secondly, throughout the episodes we witness the profound change which the monarchy itself and its image have to undergo in order to survive, it requires straight and endurance as much as flexibility. People in Britain are becoming more and more liberal and they want the monarchy to be as liberal as themselves, they need to witness it with their own eyes. The brilliant performance of Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II contributes to the success of the depiction of that change as the queen is torn between being beloved and accepted by her subjects and preserving what is left from the tradition of the monarchy. The story is presented with delicacy and emotional complexity which make us question the moral reasoning behind and the challengeable nature of the situation.

However, the most important aspect which is dominant in the season is the characters’  development. It’ s almost mesmerizing to watch the profound change under which every major character goes from Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, and the Duke of Edinburgh.

We are once again in the company of the charming and rebellious nature of Princess Margaret who defines herself as nothing else but as a “modern, free woman”  who knows what she wants and it is born to represent the modern age while her sister is representing the past, the tradition, the monarchy. We witness the dynamic of their relationship, and how both of them as sisters perceive themselves. Meanwhile, we catch a glimpse of the passionate Margaret who seeks love, and support and who craves nothing else but to be loved.


The hallmark of the series is devoted to both the relationship between the queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and to the latter’s complicated young years. We are caught in his personal family tragedy and his troubled young years which have built him up and influenced his character. But we couldn’t ignore the omnipresent presence of the complicated relationship between him and his wife, the queen. Like every marriage, this one is bound to be full of complications, while the possibility of divorce is out of the question.

I love the tension, the professionalism and the weakness in his character Matt Smith illustrates, he is truly brilliant as much as Claire Foy.

At the beginning at the series, Elizabeth asked her husband “What does it take to be in, not out?” and in these words, we can sense the echo of devotion and the feeling of destitute at the same time.

All in all, the drama is quite challenging and ambitious, as we are going to see another four seasons (as it has been rumored) but if it continues its course it would not be a disappointment, just quite the opposite, we would be more than delighted to see how it unfolds the story through the years.


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