Black Mirror (Season 4) Review

Black Mirror Season 4 –Review


Here we are, at the begging of the new year and Netflix gives us a little bit late Christmas present, Black Mirror’s season 4. It’s far from surprising that all of expected so much from this season, considering the success of the previous one, but some of us were a bit disappointed and gutted by the new episodes, but nobody is perfect and we should learn to embrace imperfections after all.

So, here is my personal ranking of the episodes one by one with a short review for each of them.

  1. Metalhead – in the somewhat post-apocalyptic nightmare we find ourselves amidst racing, a battle between a machine (which is deadly and it’s a dog) and the main character in the story, Belle, who is trying to save her life. The whole episode is driven by this as it seems never ending chase and it is the shortest episode of the series so far.

We can’t understand much about the state of the world in which the story takes place, but we can only make assumptions about it, a world where technology prevails over human life and kills everyone without a specific reason or because it’s programmed to do so by someone. For me, the idea is too vaguely described and lacking a sophisticated character to be deemed one of the best episodes.

  1. Crocodile

That episode promised something more at the beginning as we watch the picturesque location was chosen for it- Iceland, but stumbled bluntly in awkwardness and paranoid behavior of the protagonist later on –Mia.

She and her friend, drunk and on drugs, drive through away when they accidentally hit someone on the road, a rage and panic build up the somewhat weak suspense of the story. They abandoned the body of the person and moved with their life, or did they? As it seems Mia’s friend hasn’t forgotten about the accident and wants to speak the truth of it once and for all (he has been sober for years so we assume he is on his way to redeeming himself) but Mia has other things at stake, a career, a child and husband at home who don’t know about her golden days in the past. She is left with no choice but to kill everyone who knows the truth, including the detective who is unfortunate enough to see the people’s memories with a device (which just seems a bit redundant, taking into account that we are in the future). What is on my nerves is the unstoppable cruelty of the main character who even kills a child (SPOILER!) and her predictable manic behavior.

. 4. USS Callister

Just imagine Star Trek, but darker and cruel.

Imagine that part of you (your brain/soul) lives in a simulation universe of someone who happens to be something like a God in this universe and you should abide by his every command and do as he says so. How much cruelty should a person possess in order to do so? Well, that ‘s a typical example of how a dictatorship works, isn’t it?

Daley work in a company where he is not respected, probably nobody likes him, and he is the most miserable person alive, until… he finds a way to put himself out of his misery by creating a simulation game where his co-workers are the main character of his universe and his greatest task is to make their life miserable in return –revenge at last! As he exists in this universe after work, living such a “great’ life (not pitiful at all!)  new college come to work, and she is bound to destroy it all!

I like the idea of the story and how it unfolds, also there is a considerable character development there, suspense and so much at stake!


  1. Black Museum

This episode is one of my favourite, because of the suspense and the plot twists in the story. However, the Black Museum is not something extraordinary, something we haven’t imagined or thought about, but it is the meaning of the story which makes it great.

It’s a story about someone with a twisted idea of justice, who can easily be considered a psychopath today, and his failures to create something ‘great’  out of the technology. As we encounter the objects in the museum a question appears in our minds, a moral dilemma and a feeling of anxiety and repulsion at the same time. ‘How far we can go and how much we would sacrifice in the name of science and development?” or ‘How wrong can an experiment go?” .

I am not going into detail about the story as you need to watch it and judge by yourself.


  1. ArkAngel

The story is relatively simple one, but it is one of the closest to us or the near future. A mother places a tracking device in her child’s head in order to see where she is and what she is doing at every moment. The complicated part is that the mother can control the device in such a way that she can impose censorship on her daughter, the child cannot recognize images containing scenes of violence, or are disturbing in one or another when she encounters them in real life situations.

Further complications along the way make the mother questions her actions and she eventually, somewhat reluctantly, abandons the device. (For a while! SPOILER).

Until her daughter is a teenager and she needs her privacy more than ever, one night her mother tries to locate her and one thing leads to another.

Understandably, this episode would not be everyone’s favorite but to me, it says a lot about the parents-children relationship and the thin line between privacy and intrusion. The parents cannot protect their children from the world no matter how hard they could try, neither they can protect them from their mistakes.



  1. Hang the DJ


Well, imagine Tinder but more duty-bound and with an expiry date. That’s right, you understood me perfectly clear you and your partner in crime have an expiry date and you should commit yourself to it unless you want to break the rules and this the point where things can get a bit messy.

And this is the moment when things get complicated, the dating app can set you up with someone you wouldn’t particularly fancy or find feature with but according to the algorithm you are supposed to spend time together (even to live together if the expiry days is longer than a few days). This is exactly what happens with Amy and Frank, who have a brief date, and after that despite being meant for each other (if something like that exists, but I choose to believe it), they have to part in order to be with other more suitable partners.

That episode tells us about the mini-catharsis of being in a relationship while loving someone else,  of having your physical needs met but not your emotional ones. Love the message in it, the beginning, the ending, everything.

All in all, for me this season has three wonderful episodes and three not so fantastic but with some nice ideas in them (even though some of them are underdevoloped in certain aspects). I am trilled to know what the new season would bring.








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