5 Youtube channels for learning English

English concept with smartphone


Hello English learners, language enthusiasts, and language-lovers! I know how painful and difficult can be the journey to learning another language, but just as rewarding, can be.

As a person whose native language is not English, I feel you! It takes a lot of time, dedication and effort to master a new language, we have nothing else to offer but exams papers, endless essay writing, vocabulary, and grammar drills to offer! But we shall prevail and we shall conquer the new language! Thankfully, today we have a lot of tools available online, in the classroom, outside the classroom and virtually everywhere around us, we just need to know where to look!

In this post, I would like to share with you five wonderful Youtube channels where you can learn more about English language and even practice your knowledge!

Here they are:

  1. Linguamarina


It is a wonderful channel for learning English with a lot of diversity in terms of content. Marina, she lives in California and she talks about American English (as some of you may prefer to learn American rather than British English, they are quite different especially when it comes down to idioms and expressions). Among Marina’s videos you can find ones about American English expressions, videos with advices how to learn English quicker and easier, some videos about TOEFL exam, also videos about life in America, about the culture and general vlog content. It is a channel which can help you a lot and help you broaden your cultural perceptions.


Go on and check it out!




  1. To Fluency


In this channel, you will be in Jack’s company who can teach you how to sound more natural when you speak English, you will master the fluency of the language and how to sound more like a native speaker.


As you visit his channel, you can see that he has a great mixture of videos about grammar and videos about vocabulary as well, which combined can help you learn English in no time!Plus, you can download his book ‘5-step plan for English fluency’  for free which is just fantastic and you can learn more about his method of teaching and master English!




  1. ETJ English (or English with Elliot)


Elliot is a teacher/accent coach who specializes in British English and he puts a great emphasis on pronunciation part of the language, specifically when we talk about accents.


You can learn many things from him, as he has a variety of videos about pronunciation of different sounds like the Glottal- T, vowel sounds, schwa sound, as well tips on how to use common British expressions in different situations. Elliot gives tips about certain exams like IELTS as well as making special videos for listening practice.


In addition to that, he makes live video lessons as well, so that can be a good opportunity for you to ask him a question so as he can answer you straight away.




  1. English with Lucy


If you want to learn British English vocabulary in a fun and playful way, well this is the channel for you! I remembered recommending this channel to a friend from Greece and she was just thrilled by the content.


The channel covers a variety of topics from ‘How to Pronounce the 100 most common words in ENGLISH’ , ‘3 Ways to Sound more British’ to videos about idioms and proverbs. English with Lucy can give you the necessary knowledge for leading a conversation as a native speaker and being funny at the same time!


It’s a wonderful channel with a lot to offer!





  1. Eat Sleep Dream English


In this channel, you will find Tom teaching you about English, British English in particular and about British culture (one of his videos is titled “12 Britishisms YOU NEED TO KNOW”, which is about street slang words for ‘the BBC, university, and other more) in a funny and interactive way. He also has videos about learning English while singing songs, in which you can see him performing songs by Ed Sheeran in a quite entertaining way!


He uploads videos every Tuesday and Friday so as he can keep you going and motivate you to learn something new every week!






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